Case Converter

This simple converter allows you to change the case of your text. Transform uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, make readable text with sentence case, or prepare perfect title with proper title case.

If necessary, enter ignore words that will be excluded from the conversion and the tool will keep the original. You can also remove line breaks or remove redundant spaces – it's super handy when copying text from PDF files, for example.

Just copy & paste selected text. Case converter works both online & offline.

Sentence Case Converter

The converter will change the text case to match the correctly formatted sentence. That means the first letter of the first word will be uppercase in each sentence and the rest replaced by lowercase. The case converter takes a dot as a sentence separator.

Upper Case Converter

Easy replacement of all letters with uppercase.

Lower Case Converter

Easy replacement of all letters with lowercase.

Start Case Converter

The first letter of each word is replaced by an uppercase letter, the rest by lowercase.

Title Case Converter

This converter works similarly to the start converter except that it ignores short prepositions and so on.

Inverse Case Converter

The converter switch the case of each letter of text - uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase.

Alternate case

Every odd letter is converted to uppercase and each even to lowercase. Spaces are also included in the calculation.

Random case

The letters are randomly changed to uppercase or lowercase. The result changes with each change in the source text.